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4 min readJul 24, 2022



Despite the fact that some popular social networks have been blocked in Russia, millions of Russians continue to use them actively via VPN.

Besides, in other countries Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other services are still available and popular.

Therefore, all kinds of advertising campaigns in any social networks are available in IPweb as before.

At the same time, the audience of other social networks is growing rapidly:

  • In March, the monthly audience of VK exceeded 100 million users for the first time;
  • - the number of subscriptions to Russian Telegram channels increased by more than 40 million;
  • - Yandex.Zen audience increased by 1 million, and the number of unique users – by 400 thousands.

Dynamics of social networks metrics, February-April 2022

Now is the best time to promote your accounts.

Not all subscribers have followed the author to another platform. And if you had 15 thousand subscribers on Instagram, your Telegram channel might gather only 1 thousand.

New accounts need an active audience. Your new social media have to be promoted from scratch.

IPweb – your reliable assistant in the promotion of any social network, which will ensure the growth of the account in the short term at minimal cost:

1000 likes – $2.39

1000 subscribers or friends – $4.88

1000 reposts – $11.53

IPweb is a multifunctional service that allows you to get subscribers, likes and develop live activity in the community: comments, reposts and video views.

Go to your personal cabinet, create an advertising campaign and get a quick and guaranteed increase in user activity.

We also remind that we do not have a minimum order amount.

Refill your account with any amount you like, choose the types of tasks and your ads will run automatically!

How to promote social networks accounts

Deposit and withdrawal

Despite of the sanctions against Russian banks and restrictions of payment systems, you can still fund your IPweb account with any convenient way, including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal & now ( crypto)🎉🚀

Now you can withdraw earned funds in cryptocurrency in IPweb.

Add your Litecoin or Tether address to your list of wallets and get paid in virtual coin.

Litecoin: minimum amount – $1,52, commission 4%, but not less than 0.001 LTC,

Tether (TRC-20): minimum amount – $3,04, commission 4%, but not less than 0.001 LTC

Payment terms: from 30 minutes to two days.

New types of tasks are added to Instagram!

Share to story. Only with us!

The user shares your post from the feed to his or her stories. Such actions are guaranteed to increase coverage and promote the post in the feed

Viewing stories. 100 views – 26 RUB.

Where to get the link to the story: go to the story, click “more”, then click “copy link”. Use it to create a task

Reply to story.100 reply – 40 RUB

Fast reply – emoji, as well as voting, tests, questions, emoji-slider and any comments. You can ask users for instructions: which option to vote for in the survey, or specify the text of the comment.

Save the post. 100 saves – 26 RUB

Saves in Instagram affect publication rating even if they are not visible to other users. More saved content is the best quality indicator, so Instagram algorithms will give preference to content with a large number of bookmarks.

New types of mobile app promotion tasks have been added:

Install the game for Android + play for up to 30 minutes

Install the application on IOS

Task updates:

Increase CTR of YouTube video(+5 minutes of video viewing). Users will go to YouTube search, enter a keyword, go to your video and watch it for 5 minutes

Share in any social network + send a link

Send a user complaint (+ option to switch between short and multi-line instructions)

Purchase up to 80 RUB

What’s new in the IPweb Surf application for Android?

In the new version of the IPweb Surf for Android 4.5.1 application we have resolved many of the problems that users have complained about, as well as improved work with keywords.

The update of IPweb Surf for Android 4.5.2 is being prepared for publication, in which we have fixed the problem with the search queries “You entered the wrong search query”.

What is new in IPweb Surf program?

IPweb Surf for Windows 3.4.0 has been updated. We have fixed some errors, and also improved search query input verification. Now in the tasks from the search engine users cannot enter the domain instead of a keyword in the search string, which provides better execution of SEO tasks. For more stable performance of the program, we recommend that you update.